Feasibility study for the implementation of decentralised cooperation mechanisms

Oriental Region

The study seeks to analyze the existing and potential solidarity mechanisms in the region. Second, it aims to promote the transfer of skills to facilitate technical cooperation and the exchange of good practices. These two objectives will facilitate the implementation of the main purpose of the study, namely the creation of effective cooperation and concrete projects to improve acces to water and sanitation int the following counties: Nador, Driouch, Taourit, Jerada Figuig, Berkane, Boulemane and the prefecture of Oujda Angad.

The study addresses:

  • Priority needs in terms of access to drinking water and sanitation in the region
  • Negotiation with local political authorities and water and sanitation managers for their effective involvement in the deliverables;
  • Identification and financial evaluation of projects ready to be implemented and to be co-financed by bilateral or decentralized partners
  • Organization of the first meetings between local authorities and potential donors.

The study is available in French.


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