Following the study undertaken in each of the countries, GWS drives the participatory development of projects to address the identified gaps and opportunities for decentralised water solidarity. 

The projects are developed with the partners at the country level and benefit from a wide range of inclusive and participatory inputs and contributions from the local actors, including citizens, local governments, water operators, civil society, and authorities.

Projects include capacity building activities, peer-to-peer exchanges and concrete infrastructure development to improve equitative and sustainable access to water and sanitation in each of the countries. 

The projects sheets aim at multiple donors and partners to engage in technical and/or financial support to ensure the impact, sustainability and visibility of their concerted local level actions.

For each country, several projects have been prepared. The synthetic project sheets present the key project facts at a glance and the technical project sheets present further technical details of the projects.

Support welcome! If you are interested in contributing to a particular project, please contact us!

Country pack ( study+synthetic project sheets+ technical project sheets available for this country)


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