GWS is able to create a more attractive environment for financial cooperation and to advocate for innovative partnerships with influential institutions, leading to more opportunities for local authorities. 

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In line with the emerging approaches for water and cooperation, shaped by increasing participative capacities of all development stakeholders, GWS has a pivotal role to play in boosting leverage effect, introducing innovative solidarity fundraising modalities and raising awareness.

Thanks to its convening capacity as one of UNDP's platforms for water that gathers a wide range of European decentralized cooperation actors interested in supporting communities from the South in achieving MDG 7-C, GWS also harnesses their financial support for water projects. In this sense, the Platform can present projects to bilateral donors to mobilize additional resources aimed at responding to demands that arise from the territory.

Leverage effect and replicability cases are actually identified in most projects carried out by GWS members:

In Armenia, the initial $45,000 from Firenze’s water company funds allocated to decentralized cooperation encouraged development partners to contribute with additional resources from other donors, whereby the original investment has ended up co-financing interventions of over $600,000.

The Flemish partnership “Water for Development” is generating a leverage effect: the Flemish Government is co-financing projects introduced by a minimum of two members of this partnership. This is allowing the Flemish contribution to be used as a leverage to get subsidies from Belgian and European development aid channels.

In Nouakchott (Mauritania), Lausanne (Switzerland) has more than doubled the budget allocated to the project since its launch in 2009, achieving the involvement of 16 different communes and the co-financing of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development.


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