GWS promotes, upscales and supports decentralized actions for water cooperation, through the articulation of partners and interventions, exchange of knowledge and expertise and innovative financing mechanisms. 

GWS understands that access to clean water and sanitation are essential for eradicating poverty, ensuring environmental sustainability, social equity and gender equality.

To this end, our aim is to contribute to universal access to water and sanitation, combining efforts from different sectors, creating efficient decentralized cooperation partnerships, and promoting innovative financing mechanisms.

GWS represents an opportunity to help meet the challenges of access to water and sanitation, by providing solid, viable, practical and results-oriented solutions, proposed by expert partners who integrate the international platform.

To achieve concrete results on the ground, GWS actions are structured around three articulated cornerstones:


ICONOS Plataforma1. As an institutional and articulation platform, GWS establishes and promotes decentralized solidarity partnerships and articulates water development actors: demands are identified and paired with what decentralized cooperation partners can offer, boosting complementarities and creating synergies.

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ICONOS Centro saber2. As a knowledge hub, GWS collects and builds upon existing solutions and best practices; it facilitates the exchange of know-how to facilitate technical cooperation, create an international community of practice in decentralized cooperation partnerships and facilitate the transfer of competencies.

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ICONOS recaudacion3. GWS strives to develop innovative fundraising and to raise awareness; it harnesses the interest of decentralized cooperation partners in technically and financially supporting concrete water initiatives in the countries. In turn, this multi-actor and multi-donor framework promotes a significant leverage effect that contributes to increasing available resources for water and sanitation interventions.

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